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GENERAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS FOR PARTICIPATION OF VISA PROMOTION “10% cash back upon purchase with Visa card from Happy Delivery”


1. Organization of the promotion and eligible participants


The promotion "10% cash back upon purchase with Visa card from Happy Delivery" ("Promotion") is organized by “HEPINES” Ltd, UIC 103279218, and address str. Rosa 25, Varna 9010, Bulgaria (Organizer). The promotion is sponsored by Visa Europe Services Inc., a limited liability company incorporated and existing under UK law, identification number 05139966, registered office and registered office: 1 Sheldon Square, London, W2 6TT (Partner).




These General Terms and Conditions (the "General Terms") have been prepared and made public by the date of commencement of the Promotion and are freely available at: (https://dostavka.happy.bg/bg/promotions) throughout the Promotion period in accordance with the requirements of the applicable Bulgarian legislation.




Promotion period


The promotion takes place in the period 10.08.2020 to 09.09.2020 ("Promotion Period") or until the prize pool is exhausted. When the prize fund is exhausted, the end of the promotion will be officially announced on

Promotion site: (https://dostavka.happy.bg/bg/promotions)



Territorial scope of the Promotion


The promotion is carried out on the territory of the Republic Bulgaria via the food ordering platform operated by the Organizer - the website https://dostavka.happy.bg/ (referred to as the "Platform"). For the avoidance of doubt, deliveries are made only within the cities indicated in the Platform.




Right to participate in the Promotion


All individuals over the age of 18, Visa card holders, as well as legal entities that hold Visa cards in Bulgaria issued prior to the start date of the Promotion (August 10, 2020) ("Participants") are eligible to participate in the Promotion. All persons, who hold Participating Cards, with which at least one payment per order over BGN 30 has been made in the Promotion Period via the Platform, are eligible to participate in the Promotion. Cards issued by “Revolut Ltd” and “Wirecard AG” are not eligible for the promotion. 


Holders of more than one Visa card may participate in the Promotion using all their Visa cards, and these General Terms will apply to any payment with a Visa Card.



Only payments made through the Platform with Visa Debit, Prepayment and Credit Card, including Visa Business and V PAY cards issued prior to the Promotion Start Date (10/08/2020) ("Participating Cards"), are eligible for participation in the Promotion.


Only orders that are not cancelled are given the right to participate in the Promotion and if the relevant payment of the order is not a subject of refund by the Organizer.


The promotion is valid only for the Promotion Period OR until the promotional budget has been exhausted, whichever happens first.





2. Promotion mechanism


Each Cardholder who makes a payment via the Platform on an order, made through the Platform within the Promotion Period, receives a refund of 10% cash back of the value of the paid order. The refund will be made by the Partner on the card account of the Participating Card, with which the respective payment was made. Payments made otherwise than through the Platform will not participate in the Promotion and will not, therefore, be entitled to refund.






The amount of cash back will be accumulated within the Promotion Period and will be transferred back to the card account of the Participating Card, by which the payment/ payments was/were made, within 30 days after the end of the Promotion Period.



The reimbursement will be made directly to the card account associated with the respective Participating Card, which was used to make the payment of the order in the Platform, giving the right to participate in the Promotion. The bank statement will be referred to as " Visa Promotion Money Back".

In order for the reimbursement to take place, the card used to make the purchase has to be active.




A participant may refuse to participate in the Promotion by informing the Organizer and submitting a request, in which the participant is clearly identified, stating that he / she does not wish to receive refunds or promotional communication in connection with the Promotion.



Maximum cash back value


The maximum total value that can be refunded to one Participant in the cash back generated for the Promotion Period, regardless the number of the orders, may not exceed BGN 50. If, within the Promotion Period, a Participant makes payments for orders with a Participating Card for which he/she should receive a refund in excess of the specified limit of BGN 50, he/she shall receive a refund only in  the amount of BGN 50, as any amount exceeding this amount will not be refunded, no matter how many payments are made. The stated maximum amount of the refund can be reached with one or more payments, but in any case, the Participant cannot receive a refund in excess of 50 BGN for the duration of the Promotion.






Minimum threshold for participation in the promotion.


The minimum order value, the payment of which with a Participating Card entitles to participate in the Promotion, is 30 BGN.



The Organizer and / or Partner reserve the right to refuse a refund (providing cash back) if they consider that the participation of the respective Participant or the payment made is contrary to these General Terms.




3. Personal data


For the participation in the Promotion, the Organizer will not collect additional personal data beyond those already provided by the Participants upon their registration in the Platform, and for the purposes of this Promotion, the Organizer's Privacy Policy available on the Platform will apply. Participating cards by which payments, entitling to participate in the Promotion, have been made, will not provide the Organizer or the Partner with additional information that enables the identification of the individual. The Partner will not receive, or be responsible for the collection, processing and use of the personal data of the Participants. Information about the Personal data protection policy, accepted by each bank, can be obtained from the respective bank by any participant in the promotion.





4. Responsibility of the Partner


The Partner provides only financial assistance for the Promotion, as it secures payment of all amounts (cash back) refundable under these General Terms.




Partner is not responsible:


i) For any loss or damage relating to the organization or conduct of the Promotion or the participation of any Participant in the Promotion or any amendment of these General Terms.


ii) For any delay in the payment of cash back due to technical problems or for any delay relating to the payment services provided by the respective bank, issuer of a Participating Card with which a payment, giving entitlement to the Promotion, has been made.




5. Exclusion of the Organizer's liability


The Promotion is organized and conducted by the Organizer, as it is responsible for its conduct. The Organizer, as an owner and operator of the platform, does not bear any responsibility for:



(i) late payment of amounts (cash back) payable to Participants according to the General Terms of the Promotion.



ii) any delay in the payment of cash back, payable to Participants according to the General Terms of the Promotion, due to technical problems or for any delay relating to the payment services provided by the respective bank.


(iii) any loss or damage relating to the organization or operation of the Promotion or participation of any Participant in the Promotion.



6. Amendments


These Terms and Conditions are published on the Website:




The Organizer, but only after the approval of the Partner, has the right to change these General Terms (including the duration of the Promotion), if deemed necessary. Any such amendment will apply as of the date of the publication of the amended General Terms on the aforementioned website.


7. Acceptance of the General Terms


By participating in the Promotion, the Participants acknowledge and accept these General Terms.


8. Applicable law - Competent courts



For issues not settled by these General Terms and Conditions, the Bulgarian legislation shall apply.


The competent courts in Sofia shall be competent to hear all disputes arising out of the promotion and interpretation and/or fulfilment of these General Terms.