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How to order

Every first order will be check by phone call or SMS from us

Address entry

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To view the current menu, you need to enter an address. If you have a registration, you do not need to enter an address.

Order without registration

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If you do not register you can place an order without registration. Add selected products to cart and confirm your order by filling its address.

Register and login

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To place an order log in with your username and password.


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To view offered meals and drinks, select main menu (Happy Bar & Grill, Happy Pizza, Happy Sushi, Happy drinks) and select a subcategory of navigation on the left. To add the products you want, click on the "Add" button.


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If you want to remove any of the ingredients of the dish or add additional ingredient, use the options to log in detailed page of the product. Then you can use the menus "I add," and "I want no" to make your selection. Once you choose your supplements, click the "Add to cart" to add a product.


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Cart in the upper right corner of the screen. Click to view details in your cart and make adjustments.

Cart right always shows the products you have added so far.
If you want to change the ingredients of some of the added products select the product by clicking on it. If you want to remove some of the added product uses icons to remove.


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To finish your order, click "Order" at the bottom of the cart.
Preview add your products. Select the address where they can be delivered your order.

Each item with reduced or promotional value is not subject to additional discount.

Carry out

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Make your order by phone/0 700 19000/via our website or mobile application
We undertake to have the food prepared and packaged for the exact time.
You get a 10% discount when making your order from the restaurant.

* Drinks, as well as items in promotion or discounted price are not subject to additional discount.

Delivery Happy

Sofia: delivery price of each order - 3,99 BGN

BGN 4.49 for the following areas: Airport, Belovodski road, Belovodski road, Cinema Center, v.z. Malinova Dolina, v.z. Simeonovo-Dragalevtsi, Lyuben Karavelov University of Applied Sciences, gh.k. Vrabnitsa 2, g.k. Obelya 2, Svoboda housing complex, Gorna Banya quarter, Gorublyane quarter, Republic quarter, Simeonovo quarter, Obelya-Vrabnitsa, Suhodolska-Okolovrasten road, TPP Sofia.

BGN 4.99 - Abdovitsa, Bunkera village, Kiliite village, Malinova Dolina village - Gerena, village center The bells, g.k. Sofia-village, Knyazhevo quarter, Malashevtsi quarter, Orlandovtsi quarter, Children's City, International Children's Park (Bells), Slivnitsa Metro Blvd., Vasil Levski quarter, Levski V quarter, Levski quarter G.

BGN 5.49 for the following areas: Vrazdebna quarter, Suhodol quarter, Filipovtsi quarter.

BGN 5.99 for the following areas: Benkovski quarter, Iliantsi quarter.

To the districts: Benkovski, Knyazhevo, Iliantsi, Suhodol, Vasil Levski quarter, Levski V, Levski G, Vrazhdebna, Voenna Rampa orders are fulfilled until 4:00 p.m.

Delivery to the town of Bankya and the village of Ivanyane is BGN 7.49.


 Varna: delivery price of each order - 3,99  BGN

Vladislav Varnenchik – BGN 4.99, Malka Chaika – BGN 4.99, sq.m. Vinitsa – BGN 4.49, St. Constantine and Helena  - BGN 4.49, Chaika – BGN 5.29, Varna Airport – BGN 4.99, Asparukhov Park – BGN 4.99, Golden Sands – BGN 7.29, Apricot Garden – 4,49 Bgn, Planova – BGN 4.49, Euksinograd – BGN 3.99 , Atanas Tarla – BGN 4.49, Ecopark Varna – BGN 4.49, Alain Mak – BGN 5.99, Small sand – BGN 4.49, Big Sand – BGN 4.49, Business Park Varna – BGN 4.49, Radio Station – BGN 4.69, Yalovi Fields – BGN 4.69.Western industrial zone 1 – 4,49 BGN, Asparuhovo – BGN 4.49

Plovdiv: delivery price of each order - 3,99  LV

Sq. m. Komaevo – BGN 5.49, sq.m. Glorification – BGN 5.49

Burgas: delivery price of each order - 3,99 BGN

Mineral baths – BGN 7.49, Southern Industrial Zone – BGN 4.99, Burgas Airport – BGN 4.99, Sarafovo – BGN 5.49, Meden Mine  – BGN 5.29, 5th kilometer – BGN 4.99, 

Ruse: delivery price of each order - 3,99  BGN
 Industrial Zone m- 6.49 BGN.

Sandanski: delivery price for each order - 3,99 BGN

Bevehchevo, Novo Delchevo, Polenitsa, Leshnitsa - BGN 3,99

Sclave, Djigurovo, Valkovo, Struma, Rybnik, Kresna - BGN 4.99

Petrich: delivery price of each order - 4,99 BGN
Village of Firstmay, Rupite village, Marikostinovo , Kavrakirovo, Ryadak, Starchevo - 4,99BGN, Mihnevo - 4,99BGN, Kulata - 4,99 BGN

Delivery Burrata

Sofia: delivery price of each order - 3,99 BGN

Gotse Delchev, Monastery meadows-east, Zoopark, Vitosha, Vitosha-north, Dragalevtsi, Krastova vada, Simeonovo, Tokuda, South Park, Lozenets-northwest, Lozenets-southeast, Lozenets-southwest, Ivan Vazov, Center- NDK, Center-south, Lozenets-lower, Lozenets-northeast, Izgrev, Iztok, Hristo Smirnenski, Geo Milev, Reduta, Poduyane, Yavorov, Center-northeast.

BGN 4.49 - Kinocentera complex, Simeonovo-Dragalevtsi complex, Boyana quarter, Simeonovo quarter, Kinocentera town, Hadji Dimitar Refinery - west, Hadji Dimitar Refinery - east.

Varna: delivery price of each order - 3,99  BGN
VVMU N.Vaptsarov, VINS, Generalite, Grand Mall, Batak, Briz-north, Chaika, Levski-west, Levski-south, Pogrebite, Sport hall, Hristo Botev, Konfuto, Saltanat, Saint Nikola, Starata Cheshma, Port Palace, Saint Anna, Primorski park, Gorna Traka, Dolna Traka, Spartak, Festival and Congress Center, Flower Quarter, Center-west, Center-east, Chataldzha, Wide center-northwest, Wide center-northeast, Wide center-southwest, Wide center-southeast, Wide center-southeast, Southern Industrial Zone.

For Asparuhovo delivery price is 4.49 BGN.

Delivery Captain Cook

Sofia - delivery is BGN 4.99.

Dragalevtsi quarter, the Cinema Center, Krastova Vada quarter, Vitosha quarter, Garden, Dianabad, Izgrev, Iztok, Hladilnika, Yuzhen Park, Lozenets, Ivan Vazov, Center-South.