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Safety rules

In the state of emergency, we remain close to you and turn the kitchens of Narrou into strictly controlled workshops for preparation and delivery of food.

Your safety and security is our top priority, so we work with a team of the best medical specialists, with whom we have created a special Naru protocol for hygiene and security, including regular cleaning and disinfection of all surfaces, use of gloves and masks, where necessary, limited access of employees to the kitchens after thorough inspection of their state of health, strict control over the products and use of high technologies We only deliver food from our restaurants and this allows us to have CONTROL OVER the WHOLE PROCESS from the preparation of the food until it reaches you.


Before each work shift, the temperature of all employees is checked.


The uniforms of the chefs are from special pongi fabric with high level of permeability. It does not retain anything in itself, but it allows disinfection with aerosol preparations of alcohol-based and cleaning with antibacterial cloths.


Masks and gloves are changed every hour.


Hands must be washed with soap and disinfected with a special solution.


Each Happy Delivery will reach you in a special sealed envelope so your food has no contact with an external environment.


Before each order, the food-delivery bags are disinfected and then the sealed envelopes are placed in them.


The vehicles are disinfected before each delivery.


Each supplier is equipped with a special uniform of Ponjee fabric with a high level of permeability, a protective helmet, a mask and gloves.


We offer contactless delivery to any customer who has made a pre-online payment on his order in the site https://dostavka.happy.bg/ or mobile app. Delivery is done by special telescopic rod without any contact with the customer.


Deliveries to all medical and health facilities are carried out only to the entrance barrier/parking of the site. Our suppliers do not enter the buildings.

Cities we deliver in emergency measures:

Sofia, Plovdiv, Varna, Burgas

Carry out/Pick-up service in the restaurant is available for:

Call the phone 0700 19000 , order www. Dostavka. Happy. BG and come to the place to receive the order in front of the restaurant, it will be exported by our supplier in a special sealed envelope.

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